July 2018 Vinyl Box

Are you excited for our July 2018 box?  We are, too!  Football season is just around the corner, so now you'll be ready for all those fun football crafts!  Be sure to join our Facebook Group for even more crafty inspiration:   FB.com/groups/SilhouetteLifeInspirationBox

So let's talk about the great vinyl you received in your boxes this month, from great brands like Stahls, Specialty Materials, Chemica and Oracal! 


But first, let's cover some basics.  Included in your box is both Adhesive Vinyl (sticky vinyl) and Heat Transfer Vinyl.  Both are super great, but can be challenging if you aren't sure how to use them.  But don't worry, we found some great videos for you (because why reinvent the wheel?)!

Vinyl Basics for New Users


How to Cut Adhesive Vinyl with Silhouette Cameo


How To Properly Iron-On Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl




So we've included some really great, staple brands of Adhesive Vinyl that you will definitely want to catalog for later.  We'll start with a great pattern from Stahls' Creative Studio (Football Pop) and accent with the manly Carbon Fiber from Schein Holographics and solid Oracal 651 sheets.  All three of these will cut and weed beautifully.  If you haven't worked with Adhesive Vinyl before, we suggest starting with the Oracal because it is the most cost effective and it is a nice, medium weight vinyl.

When you are ready to move on and cut the Carbon Fiber and the pattern, note that the Carbon Fiber will be a different texture than the Oracal 651 and the pattern will be a little thicker.  You will definitely want to utilize a test cut before proceeding, just to make sure your blade is set correctly.  I like to use the patterns for my accent pieces, and use solids for my text and such.  Here is our inspiration for this pattern, it looks great with all shapes!

For a super quick video on making your own Knockout Design, visit us over at Silhouette Life Inspiration Box, we made it a Facebook Live!




Working with different brands of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) can feel tricky, but for the most part they work the same way and you just need to keep an eye on your individual cut settings and heat press settings.  But first, we're going to show you what we did we this amazing Faux Leather Fashion HTV from Chemica US and Perforated White Rainbow Glitter HTV from Specialty Materials.






Chemica Faux Brown Leather Fashion HTV

YouTube Video   |   Written Tutorial   |   Manufacturer Website


Specialty Materials GlitterFlex Ultra Pref HTV (Rainbow White)

YouTube Video   |   Written Tutorial   |   Manufacturer Website


Specialty Materials Embossed DecoFilm HTV (Silver)

YouTube Video   |   Written Tutorial   |   Manufacturer Website


Stahls Premium Plus (Royal Blue and Neon Green)

YouTube Video   |   Written Tutorial   |   Manufacturer Website


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